Extreme Sailing Series Act 6

Among the different sailing events that are going on in the world, Oman Air looks forward to shine at the Extreme Sailing series that it is participating in at Lisbon currently. Act 6 is currently on at the Madeira coast in Portugal. It is definitely top of the table.

Having a favorable position, the team is looking to add on more points as the competition progresses. It is considered to be penultimate in the series of Extreme sailing event this year. Later in the week Act 6 will be coming up. There have been two prior events that were held at Madeira and St Petersburg.

However, due to light winds the race program had to be cut short. The Oman team is now looking forward to showcase their consistent performance once again, with the aim of winning the first prize – a week’s Bareboat Charter in Kastela. The team has been staying consistent in their performance in this series. They are hoping to do it again in a new venue that has been added to the circuit of the Extreme Sailing Series.

The seasons lead that the team had cut short about by two points in Madeira. There are two more events that remain in 2016. They are hoping to come back to a winning form in Lisbon. There is a Team France that has been added to the lineup. This will definitely give more impetus to Oman Air as they look forward to competing against this team.

They are hoping that there will be good wind and that the race would be an exciting one. As the team missed out in Madeira they hope to bring back some of their consistent performance in the new venue. They are hopeful that Alinghi will prove to be favorable for them. Even though light winds are predicted at Alinghi the team hopes to sail smarter and be able to improve their speed.