Marblehead Junior Race

The Marblehead Race Week for juniors made its record on 25th July with many young sailors taking part in the event this year. The oldest junior yacht club in the United States has become one of the 2nd largest competitions for youth in the country today.

There are 400 participants who would compete on 300 boats for the entire week. The event will take place for 3 days and the Pleon Yacht Club would be hosting it. There would be competitions in 3 distinct categories which include the Optimist, the Laser and the 420s taking part. Children by the age of 8 to 18 belonging from New England would be taking part in the competitions this week.

The commodore of the Pleon Yacht Club, Ben Pitman said that the main objective of this event is to set core values for the youth competitors who would participate in the competitions. The annual regatta’s mission is to find out the best sailor, as well as encourgae new people to try out yacht chartering in the UK. Sailing is sufficient to make one independent and it is the big things children need to understand while they are sailing. Teamwork is another strong skill one should acquire to lead in the competition.

If you fail to follow, you won’t be able to lead. Pitman also added that it’s a golden opportunity for children to showcase their skills and talents. Those who take part in the event need to make the required preparations throughout the summer. Sailing is like any other sport wherein you need to train yourself and you will be tested thereafter.

Pitman shared his sailing experience and said that he had grown up sailing at this club. He had achieved the 420 two years back and now he has got an opportunity to run the event. It is indeed very special to him. The event took place for 3 days starting from Monday and will continue till Wednesday. The final race would take place on 27th July and is scheduled to start at 2.30 p.m.