New Material for Next Generation Sails

The Laser Company and Advanced Precision Related Instruments (APRI) have jointly announced the development of new two-nanometer thick material that will be used for sailing. The announcement in this regard has been made recently.

Stanley Hardy, the president of the company said on this, “For the taller rigs, now we can provide thin films that are light in weight incredibly and have the ability to enables sailing crafts giving high performance and yachts to harness the power of wind. Hardy said, “The material is so light in weight and thin that it is next impossible to see this with the naked eye. Though this can create a certain difficulty for sailors as well spectator but are working on it and we are very confident that we will make it visible from naked eyes without disturbing its weight and thinness.”

Dr. Stan Laurel, the chief scientist of the company, explains the name of this new material is nanoparticles and it has been made using the skin of beans and prunes. “We worked on both at the very molecular level to get the strongest material that has ever been made. This material is thin, but it has the strength to hold two sheets bridge.”

He further added that “In the past years, we have seen the rig of sailing yacht is growing taller and taller. With this new material, there will be no trade-off regarding the material drag and weight.”

Although the material cost is excessive, Laurel considers that it is an important investment for getting performance. “This material will help boats in attaining a faster speed. The best part about the sailing sport is there is no restriction on development. Sailing enthusiast can do anything to boost the speed of their vessels and this material is helpful in it.”